F4 - Dense and tall Puccinellia swards - Üde mézpázsitos szikfokok (HU)

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F4 – Dense and tall Puccinellia swards:
Grasslands with meadow character, the cover of perennial plants is higher then 50%. This habitat develops on strongly saline soils, and usually has water cover for a longer period in the year (wet in springtime but sometimes completely dry in summer or just the opposite: flooded by summer thunderstorms). Dominant species are: Puccinellia limosa, P. festuciformis subsp. intermedia, Carex divisa. The differentiation from the next (F5) habitat is often arbitrary (the proportion of perennial plants is minimum 50% in case of F4). Their total actual area is 7000 ha in Hungary. They are most frequent on Dunai-Alföld (3670 ha), mainly on the lower part of the eastern slopes of Duna-Tisza köze (approx. 1500 ha), and on Duna-sík (approx. 1900 ha), but uncommon on Mezőföld (along Sárvíz). The habitat is also common on Tiszai-Alföld (3300 ha, e.g. Hortobágy, Bihari-sík and Körös-vidék, Körös-Maros köze, Gerje-Perje-sík), though a certain part of the stands (except Nyírség) rather belongs to the next habitat (F5) (Puccinellia stands on solonetz are typically shorter and less dense). It occurs more sporadically on Heves-Borsodi-sík and on Bihari-sík, as well as on the partly secondary saline regions on the southern part of Tiszántúl. It is especially rare in Kisalföld (6 ha, around Lake Fertő). Except some marginal occurrences (a few hectares in total), it is absent from the Dunántúli-dombság, from Nyugat-Dunántúl, from the Dunántúli- and the Északi-középhegység. Puccinellia swards are in the middle of the saline zonation, their sites have high salt content, at the same time they are wet or moist almost year-round. Consequently, they are sensitive to leaching, hence their total area is decreasing everywhere in the country.

Molnár, Zs., M. Biró, J. Bölöni & F. Horváth (2008): Distribution of the (semi-)natural habitats in Hungary I.: Marshes and grasslands, Acta Botanica Hungarica 50 (Suppl): 59-105. >>> letöltés (5,4 MB, PDF)

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