OB - Uncharacteristic mesic meadows and tall herb communities - Jellegtelen üde gyepek és magaskórósok (HU)

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OB – Uncharacteristic mesic meadows and tall herb communities:
Uncharacteristic meadows and tall herb communities that can not be categorized to any semi-natural habitat type. The cause of their uncharacteristic nature and the origin of their site can be diverse. For example, the ruderal and semi-ruderal weed communities of floodplains and marshes; the liana and Rubus communities of floodplains; the secondary tall herb communities (dominated by Tanacetum vulgare, and Cirsium, Chenopodium, Atriplex, Polygonum, Bidens, Rumex and Xanthium species) and uncharacteristic mesic meadows (dominated by Alopecurus, Dactylis, Agrostis, Agropyron species) on the floodplains; as well as the abandoned and weedy mesic pastures; the formerly chemically fertilized or resown regenerating hay meadows; and uncharacteristic Calamagrostis meadows belong to this group. The habitat is more frequent than the previous, but more infrequent than the next habitat. Its total actual area is 68 500 ha, and has relatively even distribution in the country. It can be found with the largest extension on Tiszai-Alföld (23800 ha), but it is also frequent in the Északi-középhegység (10100 ha), in the Dunántúli-dombság (6900 ha), on Nyugat-Dunántúl (8900 ha) and on Dunai-Alföld (8900 ha). There are significant stands on Kisalföld (5400 ha) and in the Dunántúli-középhegység (4410 ha). Due to interpretational differences the habitat seems to be missing from certain regions; moreover, the degraded variations of marsh and Molinia meadows, as well as the regenerating waterlogged oldfields can be categorized to more habitat types (D34, D2, E1, OB, sometimes OC or H5b in sand regions).

Molnár, Zs., M. Biró, J. Bölöni & F. Horváth (2008): Distribution of the (semi-)natural habitats in Hungary I.: Marshes and grasslands, Acta Botanica Hungarica 50 (Suppl): 59-105. >>> letöltés (5,4 MB, PDF)

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