L2a - Turkey oak - sessile oak woodlands - Cseres-kocsánytalan tölgyesek (HU)

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L2a – Turkey oak - sessile oak woodlands:
This habitat type is a group of forests occurring in submontane and colline region with variable mixture ratio of Quercus cerris and Q. petraea. In the tree layer shadowing trees (mainly Fagus sylvatica and Carpinus betulus) are absent or very rare. Light-demanding and drought-tolerant, forest specialist species are always present in the herb layer. Nor mesic forest species neither disturbance tolerant species can monodominate, whilst grasses and sedges are common. The total area of the habitat is almost 120000 ha in Hungary. It can be found in the Északi-középhegység with the larger extension (more than 80000 ha), and it covers also large areas in the Dunántúli-középhegység (approx. 23000 ha). It occurs on Dél-Dunántúl (8000 ha, Külső-Somogy, Tolnai-hegyhát, Mecsek) and in certain regions of Nyugat-Dunántúl (4000 ha, especially around Sopron and Szombathely). Climatically strongly determined habitat; it is absent equally from regions suitable for mesic forests and for forest steppes (namely too high or too low precipitation). Turkey oak - sessile oak woodland is often a hardly identifiable habitat; there are different transitional stages between this habitat and the dry and mesic oak forests [L1, L2b, L2x, K2, LY4]. In several cases, mainly if the herb layer is missing, it is also difficult to separate from the uncharacteristic hardwood forests and plantations [RC]. All these identification problems escalate in more humid climate (e.g. Bakonyalja, Pannonhalmi-dombság, along Répce River, Kemeneshát, Külső-Somogy, Tolnai-hegyhát, Baranyai-dombság).

Molnár, Zs., M. Biró, J. Bölöni & F. Horváth (2008): Distribution of the (semi-)natural habitats in Hungary I.: Marshes and grasslands, Acta Botanica Hungarica 50 (Suppl): 59-105. >>> letöltés (5,4 MB, PDF)

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