L5 - Closed lowland steppe oak woodlands - Alföldi zárt kocsányos tölgyesek (HU)

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L5 – Closed lowland steppe oak woodlands:
Mesic and semi-dry forests (closed sand steppe oak woodlands, closed salt steppe oak woodlands, dried-out riverine oak-elm-ash forests) dominated by Quercus robur, infrequently by Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. pannonica. Sand or clayish-loamy sediments (sometimes salty in deeper soil layers) are the typical bedrocks of the habitat in the not flooded, drier, inner parts of Alföld. These woodlands partly originate from riverine oak-elm-ash forests (or from other closed lowland wet forests), but have already lost their riverine character. This is manifested especially in the herb layer; the real riverine forest species are uncommon or missing, and are replaced by forest generalists. In the more characteristic stands mesic and dry forest elements are both present. Closed lowland steppe oak woodlands infrequently occur also on foothills (on sand). Since some oak plantations with low naturalness were classified to this habitat, the total actual area of the habitat and its distribution pattern is uncertain. It covers approximately 6000 ha, a further 2900 ha have uncertain classification. Majority of the stands can be found on Tiszai-Alföld (approx. 4900 ha, and approx. 1900 ha with uncertain status). Sporadic on Dunai-Alföld (approx. 1200 ha), where closed sand steppe oak woodlands and a few stands of ash-elm-oak-like woodlands surrounding fen woodlands belong to this habitat. It is rare on Kisalföld (75 ha) and there are some uncertain occurrences on the foothills of the Északi-középhegység (approx. 60 ha). It is absent from the hilly parts of Dunántúl.

Molnár, Zs., M. Biró, J. Bölöni & F. Horváth (2008): Distribution of the (semi-)natural habitats in Hungary I.: Marshes and grasslands, Acta Botanica Hungarica 50 (Suppl): 59-105. >>> letöltés (5,4 MB, PDF)

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